Laser Eye Surgery

You are tired of wearing glasses, or you believe that it cramps your style. So don’t worry because of LASER EYE SURGERY. LASIK is short for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is a popular form of vision correction for people with astigmatism, those that are farsighted, nearsighted, and astigmatism. In this surgery success rate is high, it is near about 80 percent. In past time, it was not affordable for the common man, but now surgery cost has come down.

As with any surgery, LASIK has a few complications. Some of the frequently reported complications of LASIK eye surgery are …….

  • Light sensitivity
  • Induced astigmatism
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Halos or fierce around light sources at night

All such complications can be avoided by opting for an experienced eye surgeon who takes extra precaution while performing the surgery. It is a form of surgery which is done over the eyes. Eye lasik surgery is basically a procedure which is designed to make a specific and a permanent change to the contour of the cornea. Even the clear covering of the upper portion of the eyes can be removed through eye lasik surgery.

Immense success has been fostered in the process of Eye lasik surgery, but yet it involves certain amount of risk also. It is basically advisable to know about the risks and the complications which might crop up after the Eye lasik surgery has been performed. Some of the probable risk factors which are related with Eye lasik surgery are

  • Vision loss
  • Continuance of glasses
  • Severe dry eye problem
  • Lack of proper far sighted vision

To avoid the complications and any risk , choose an eye surgeon who is experienced in eye surgery and reliable because LASIK surgery may affect your vision for a lifetime, so, don’t risk your vision with unprofessional LASIK surgeon, although it is cheaper!. Although undergoing LASIK surgery with the best eye surgeon cannot guarantee that you will get good results, but at least it will minimize the risks of the surgery.