Dishwasher is a convenient device for kitchen to clean the dirty utensils properly. This is a mechanism in the present rat race society, run by electricity, to save both time and man power though it is expensive from the consumption of electricity point of view. Traditionally, dishes were used to clean either by the help of a piece of cloth or by using water with detergent. Dirty dishes were kept in the detergent mix water through the night then rub and flashing system was used to make the dishes clean.

It is calculated that this cleaning procedure takes nearly a month in a year, and the cleaning is achieved up to 95%. The bacteria are also found on the dishes where fear of infection is alive. Dishwasher is the secure mechanism in which dishes are cleaned applying high temperature and normal detergent.

Necessary of dishwasher, goes to the later part of the nineteenth century. Its use became change the social status in late nineties of the nineteenth century. But an electrical dishwasher takes place in fifties the twentieth century and its use became a part of common man.

Dishwasher is available in two sizes-a big size and a portable size. The purchase is made regarding the use of the family or the commercial organization. A well planed house minimizes the expenditure on the use of dishwasher on the other words planning is necessary to use the dishwasher in the kitchen.

This device is fitted with a magnet to perform its mechanism. Electric current is supplied to the magnate and it started functioning.

There are different types of views to prove the application of heat in the dishwasher. Some argued that minimum 120 Fahrenheit is required to start the cleaning process, 140 Fahrenheit is required to clean the soiled food. But 180 Fahrenheit is required to immune from the bacteria. Using less than 180 Fahrenheit there is possibility of threat from bacteria. On the other hand using 180 Fahrenheit in dishwasher is dangerous for the children of the family, it using.

It is also more vital to know about the detergent that should be used in the dishwasher. Fashionably, more costly detergent is used in the device. But ordinary detergent is more common in use. Gel or Crystal can be used as per practice of applying heat in the device, because the above two items are characterized to dilute in different heat.