How To Cloak Your Affiliate URL?

There are thousands of miscreants who sit in front of the screen to destroy others happiness. Everyone who is quite familiar with Internet knows about viruses and other protection. Now the question is if you are an affiliate programmer have you installed any such device to protect your accounts and income from affiliate marketing. I would love to discuss how to cloak your affiliate url do that you can prevent any sort of hijack of your commissions and other payments from affiliate advertisers or companies for whom you are marketing their products.

There was a time when I too used to make some extra bucks through affiliate programming. My website dealt with coffee recipes and I had affiliation with some of the best coffee brands in the worlds. Initially I had good account balance but later on I found that I wasn't getting what I deserved and when I had a contact with those companies about payment they said that there must be something wrong and someone might have manipulated the links. So I took the advice of a good friend who is a regular affiliate. That it is his profession to sit and make money. He advised me of link cloaker and said me the process. He said I will teach you 'how to cloak your affiliate url so that you can protect your accounts being trespassed.' And I learnt from him the technique. And now I would like to share and tell you how to cloak your affiliate url.

You will be surprised to know that clickbank affiliates are one of the most vulnerable programs to alter. So you must take action to cloak your affiliate link. This would make harder for commission thieves to do any kind of manipulation on your account. A place where you can learn how to cloak your url is or They are actually services who would take care of your affiliate url so that no one can delete or do any wrong to them. If you don't wish to use these programs then you can also use the following code: