Online Advertising Rates

Online advertising has helped many businesses. An online advertisement can be put on the different websites available on the internet. However before posting the ads on any website one should calculate online advertising rates.

Online advertising rates refer to the price you have to pa. it also refers to the results garnered from the advertising. There are many types of online advertising rates. The first one is the cost per click. If your online advertisement is clicked on 5 times in a month the clickthrough ratio comes to 0.5%. So if you paid $10 for a monthly advertisement on the website, then the cost per click comes to $2.00. This means that you have to pay $2 for every single click on your ad.

Another type of online advertising rates is the cost per unique visitor. It is calculated as the average sum of pages that the visitor views on a website. Lets take an example. If a website has an average of 6 page views per visitor. Also the average number of impressions per month on the website is 600 000, then their average user sessions per month would be 100 000.  However, if you aim for brand recognition than your cost per visitor should not be greater than the CPM.

Another type of online advertising rates is the so called “conversion rate”. The conversion rate is important for commercial websites; it is very popular among the online stores. This rate actually tells the advertisers as to how many people bought something after clicking on the ad.

In all these online advertising rates, the problem is to calculate an exact number of clickthroughs. The easiest way to calculate clickthroughs is to use script to track down the number of clicks received from different links. There are many advertisement tracking resources. These resources make sure that you get the right count of total clicks.

So if you want to energy the world of online advertising, you need to be prepared with the online advertising rates. You should keep all the above things in mind. Basically you should learn to calculate your banner advertising rates. After all it is always better to save money.