On Line Advertising

On line advertising is a new form of advertising. This form of advertising uses the internet for the purpose. The best thing about on line advertising is that it is accessible all over the world. This type of advertising is also very instantaneous, it is never delayed.

In recent years, the on line advertising has evolved into some variations. Here are the most popular variations.

One of the most popular variations of on lien advertising is Email advertising. In this variation the advertisers use a mailing list; this mailing list is obtained through various ways. It could be website memberships, forms or on line surveys. This method of advertising is generally not very popular among the recipients. Usually most of the recipients tend to treat it as spam. This reduces its effectiveness.

Another variation of on line advertising is the Rich media advertising. This type of advertising has also become very popular, a majority of rich media advertising is done with the help of Adobe Flash. Rich media advertising uses various elements like color, page layout, animation and graphics. They help to attract a visitor’s attention.

Some times the visitors consider these ads as irritating. This is because they usually distract their attention from the page’s actual content. Here are some of the leading examples of rich media advertising. They are banner ads i.e. animated or static ads that have a certain fixed height and width.

Then there are also some fake banners, i.e. those that appear on the user's screen. They tend to appear as a dialog box with buttons. These dialog boxes have an alert or error message. Then there are pop-ups. These are new windows that pop out on a current window and display an advertisement or the entire webpage. In the end there are video ads. These ads are similar to the banner ads but they display actual video clips

The final variation of the on line advertising is contextual advertising, it usually show the highest ROI (return on investment). The contextual advertising is able to reach a much wider audience, almost instantly. Also it is one of the most affordable forms of on line advertising. These ads only contain static text or pictures.

All these variations of on line advertising are very beneficial to the advertisers.