Online Banner Advertising

Online Banner advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for cost-conscious marketers. These people are looking forward to increase brand awareness and the online banner advertising provides them with the same.

On an average, the banners enjoy a click trough rate of 0.2% - 0.6%. However some banner ads are known to receive a click trough rate of more than 3%. A banner that has been designed very well, receives a Click through Rate of 1% or more.

The Targeted online banner advertising usually costs around $10 for every 1,000 impressions. This cost is equal to an advertising value of $1,000.00 at a cost per click of 10 cents. The banners are also beneficial as the advertiser’s logo and web address appears more than 150,000 times on other sites. 

The biggest benefit of online banner advertising apart from cost cutting is that it proves to be inexpensive and is never inactive. Earlier online banner advertising used static GIF banner ads or the ones with minimal animation. These days the banner ads use the latest flash technology. It also employs animation and induces more interactivity. This helps in engaging the visitors and extending every impression’s impact.

The most significant factor in online banner advertising is the way a banner is placed on the advertising website. Usually the visitors click on a banner ad appearing towards the top of a web page.  Visitors usually click through a banner which is visual, features animation and is attractive.

Also an online banner advertising using a banner with blue text on white has also proved to be successful. The blue text looks very similar to a hyperlink. Mixed with a white background it makes the banner look like content. This then enhances the click through rate.

These secret behind successful online banner advertising is to find web sites in a similar niche. These websites should not be competitors and they should be ready to negotiate competitive ad rates to display the banner.

Online Banner Advertising actually is an emotional enticement rather than a logical convincer. Still it has proved to give some boost to a business.