The Ways To Do Free Advertising Online

While advertising online the cost of advertising can be a daunting figure for the small advertisers. For such people here are some resources for free advertising online

The first resource is Craigslist. Craigslist is a classified website. This website is free to post listings. It currently is one of the top 10 visited websites in the United States Craigslist provides a service section. This section helps to list the products and services offered for potential customers. It is wonderful resource for free online advertising

Another free online advertising resource is Google Base. The resource provides the advertiser with the traffic generated by The advertisers simply need to list themselves on Google Base. Afterwards traffic will be driven to their website.

Press Releases can also garner a lot of free online advertising. They involve submitting press release of the products and services to the media. There is no need to hire an expert. Anyone with a knowledge of product or service can do it. A couple of websites are available that lets the advertisers make free press releases. Two of them are and

These websites submit the articles to the Associated Press. It usually is a distribution of 40,000 subscribers. Let us suppose only if a small part of the subscribers pick up the  article, the job is done. It not only establishes the advertiser as an authority but also generates links. This will than help to increase the advertisers’ websites’ search engine rankings. is an online business directory. It specially focuses on the small business websites. It helps them promote their business. The main benefit of its service is that its pages enjoy high ranks in the search engines.

These are just a few examples of free resources that can help small website owners to do some free online advertising. There are many other resources. It just takes a little time, a little research and thinking out of the box to find these free online advertising resources. The advertisers just need to go and get the right resource for themselves.