How Can I Do Free Blogging?

How Can I Do Free Blogging
If you are not blogging today then you are missing a great part of Internet. Almost all people who are associated with internet go for blogging because blogs are free and they also give you many opportunities to earn extra money. Lets see how you can do free blogging.

Blogging doesn't require any fee that means anything you publish or post through your blog won't cost you any money. But in case of websites you will require money to create a website and get a domain name. Because of the advantages of blogging people are getting more and more on to it. It seems that blogging will one day decide election results or other fates. Because now you get every news and other reports though blogging.

So now let us focus how you can go for free blogging? For free blogging off course you will need a blogger or a service which provides free blogging facilities. There are two most prominent names for free blogging. One is called Blogger and the other is called WordPress. Both these blogging services have revolutionized blogging. It become so simple that anyone can create a blog in his or her name.

At first you have to go to the site whichever you choose either WordPress or Blogger. Then you have to choose a username and password. The next step would be to name your blog. After that you have to choose a template which means the design of your blog. Everything is ready. Once you have done all these you are ready with your blog. Now you can upload anything you want. In WordPress Blog you get categories to choose topic and submit your articles to them like health, art, science and many more.

When you have posted something on your blog you are on the web. Now comes to the matter of getting good traffic to your blog. This will open opportunities for you to earn extra money. If you maintain your blog regularly and add content substantial enough for visitors you will receive advertisement offers from other companies on your blog and you will get paid for that. So get started with free blogging today itself.