The Concept Of Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine advertising is a form of Internet Marketing. The concept behind search engine advertising is promoting the websites. It is done through increasing the website’s visibility in the Search Engine result pages.

The search engine advertising uses many methods to acquire its goal. The search engine advertising methods include, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Other methods are paid placement, and paid inclusion. These methods have also altered the definition of Search engine advertising. Due to these methods the experts sometimes consider it to be the practice of buying paid search listings for obtaining better free search listings.

Search Engine Advertising

Coming back to the search engine advertising methods, the first one is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process through which quality and the volume of traffic on a website is increased. It involves placing the website at a higher place in the search results. This is because the higher the website features in the search results; the more people will see it. Hence the number of visitors will increase.

The search engine optimization usually targets different type of search. This may include an image search, a local search as well as an industry-specific vertical search.

Another method of search engine advertising is Pay per click (PPC). This advertising method uses advertising networks, content websites as well as search engines. In this method the advertisers have to pay whenever someone clicks on his/her link and visits the website.

In this method of search engine advertising the advertisers bid on keywords they predict will be useful as search terms in the target market while looking for product or service. So whenever a visitor types a keyword query that matches that advertiser's keyword list, a page is displayed with a relevant content, and the advertisers’ ad ,may also show up

In the final method of search engine advertising the search engine charges some fees. The fee is for the inclusion of the websites in their search index. It is called Paid inclusion. Paid inclusion services are usually provided by most of the search engines. However the biggest of them all, Google still is not in the game.

These were the three methods of search engine advertising... :)