Wordpress Blog - A Brief Discussion On It

Blogging is the new age medium for exchange of information. But not many people know how to blog. Wordpress blog is one of the easiest ways to blog .

So here are few easy steps that will help you to know everything about blogging.

Wordpress Blog - A Brief Discussion On It

The first thing you need to have is a hosting account and your own domain. If you do not have this than you can go to a Wordpress site. There you will find a big blue button saying “Start your Wordpress blog”. Just press that and start. Although this one may not look like a professional one, but is a good one to try out as a beginner.

After that you need to create a user name. This part is very important, so put in some serious thought. So you should select a name that directly pertains to what you are writing in a blog. Also you will need to fill up some other details like email addresses, age, location and other legal stuffs.

After this you need to click on the link saying “Gimme a Blog”. Here you do not need to do any kind of formatting. Everything will be done by the wordpress site itself. You just need to continue to the next page.

After this the next page that will come will reflect your domain name. It will look something like this “ yourblogname.Wordpress.com”. Thus your very first domain and home on the web will be created.

After this the next thing that you require to do in a Wordpress blog is to select a title for your blog. This is the most crucial part because the title will be the first thing that everybody will notice, so obviously it needs special attention. Also your earnings will depend on this title as the more relevant title you give the more higher you will go in page rankings of search engines.

Finally after all this is over the last step in Wordpress blog is to open your mail and look for further instructions that will be mailed to you by the wordpress site.