What is Weblog? Why is it More Popular?

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“What is Weblog?” Weblog in simple terms can be called as a diary of an individual whereby he can write and record anything. In technical terms it means that weblog is a website where entries are made in reverse chronological order and the content is frequently updated. The content can be anything can be written by the owner or gleaned from any other website. Topic also depends on the owner of the website.

Weblog is more preferred website for people who surf the Internet continuously than the static HTML websites. This is because of various advantages of weblog, following are some of them –

  • In weblog it is very easy to paste article. In fact it is done by a single click. You do not need to do any kind of formatting, or manage the fonts, characters and other things. Thus it saves a lot of time for you.
  • Content Management system or CMS is a software that is used to make categories for your website. This is frequently used in most websites. But in a weblog there is an in-built CMS. So you can avoid using this complex software if you are using a Weblog.
  • Weblogs are very user friendly. Almost every person knows to use it. You do not need to learn website formatting for using weblogs. Also another feature of weblog is the comments part where readers can give you feedbacks. Using this is very easy. But the static HTML sites do not have this facility.
  • As already mentioned adding articles here is very easy. You do not need to format it, just copy it and paste it.
  • “What is weblog?” And what are its advantages? Weblogs has the advantage of “trackbacks” through which more weblogs can connect with you. This option saves the tedious work of exchanging links between websites to promote traffic.
  • Weblog have in-built features of RSS and Announcement. This application alerts you whenever any post is made to your blog. Readers of your post can subscribe to your blog through RSS and whenever you make any changes to your blog the subscribers also get alerts regarding the changes. And thus you can attract traffic o your post.

Thus I hope that now its clear to you what is weblog. If you have furthr doubts browse the web to find some weblogs and find out what and how they help people in interaction and accomplishing a number of tasks.