Apple Safari Browser

Apple Safari Browser

Apple Safari browser is owned by the makers of Apple Safari operating system i.e., Apple. Unlike, Microsoft Internet Explorer, this is an open source browser. You can use this browser on both Mac as well as Windows operating systems. Above this, Safari‘s interface is quite enticing. This user-friendly browser is developed using HTML 5 and features full screen videos, geolocation and bing search. One thing that discerns Apple Safari from other browsers is that you can browse through web pages without unwanted advertisements and formatting. This web browser can be downloaded for free from

XMS (Extended Memory Specification)

RAM (random access memory) above the 1-MB address. Extended memory is accessed through an extended memory manager (HIMEM.SYS for DOS).


The largest amount of data that can be handled by the microprocessor in one operation and also, as a rule, the width of the main data bus.

Windows File Protection

A background service in Windows 9x, Windows NT, and Microsoft Windows 2000 that tracks any modification to core system files and warns of potential problems.


A keyboard character that represents one or more characters in a string, usually for specifying more than one file by name. The question mark (?) matches any character in a specified position, and the asterisk (*) matches any number of characters up to the end of the filename or extension.

Warm Boot

The process of restarting a computer that is already running by holding down the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously. It can also refer to choosing a Shut Down And Restart option in Microsoft Windows 9x or Windows NT.