What to Do When Computer Doesn't Start

My computer is not starting up. What faults could be there???

If you are facing issues with computer boot process there could two reasons. First one is hardware and software is the second one. If there is a fault in hardware, there might be some problem with motherboard, hard disk, RAM, power supply or monitor. Loose RAM or cable also falls into the same category. When you start your computer, it checks the hardware and gives a beep indicating that it has been started. In case, your computer doesn’t give any beep and shuts down on its own, you should consult a hardware specialist. If you have some hardware knowledge, open the CPU to check memory module and other connections are connected correctly.

Did you find some problem in memory module? Humidity and dirt can spoil the memory module. If this is the reason, remove the memory module from the slot clean it and put it again. If CPU’s fan isn’t working or if the heat sink is not fitted properly even then your computer would not work properly. It is because computer must get proper ventilation so that it doesn’t get hot.

In case, there are some software issues with the computer, try following tips:

  • If there is some fault in your hard disk or virus has attacked your system, you would come across issues such as Invalid partition table, missing operating system etc.
  • Error NTLDR is missing shows up when boot sector is corrupt.
  • There is a file named “boot.ini” in the root of C Drive. If it is corrupt, you will see error, “Could not read from selected disk.”
  • If you are getting nothing but blue screen and you can’t do anything as the system is stuck, it could be both software as well as hardware issue.

To solve these issues, you might need to install OS i.e., Windows XP or Windows 7 & again. Few issues can be rectified without reinstalling Windows XP on your computer. To accomplish this, boot Windows CD and press R when you see “Windows to setup” on your screen. Now go to Command Prompt and select Windows XP which has been installed on your hard disk. Select the number of the windows installation which is not working correctly. “c:\> prompt” will show up on your screen. If you are getting error messages such as “Missing operating system” or “Invalid partition table”, type fixmbr and press enter. If the error message is “NTLDR missing”, type fixboot c: Another error message that could occur is “Could not read from selected disk”. In this case, type bootcfg/rebuild and then type exit. Now restart your computer.