Yale Forklift

Yale is one of the biggest manufacturer and distributor of lift trucks in U.S. market. It is a part of NMHG (NAACO materials handling group). Yale just don’t offer trucks along with that it also provides examine technicians, support of the corporation and finance facilities.

Yale is known for providing the best industrial equipments and products at reasonable prices. While manufacturing the equipments customer needs is always there in his mind. Yale forklifts trucks are the clear option for act and price. Yale has its own complete series of lift trucks deliberate for high performance. Yale has gained the trust of their customers by performing well and giving excellent services. The range of Yale forklift includes the electric rider, warehouse trucks and diesel trucks.

The main aim of Yale is to provide the quality assured parts, which promise the customers to keep their trucks running capably. Yale parts are cost-effective and give the maximum levels of service and excellence. The category of the part includes:

  • Yale starters
  • Yale water pumps
  • Yale extension booms
  • Yale engines
  • Yale forklift seats
  • Yale mast bearings

Yale forklift trucks are available in different load capacities and all the trucks are also rated according to that only. Yale is a leader in providing full line of high quality products and services.

The hand pallet truck of Yale in warehouse equipment is having its own place due to its flexibility and reliability. The compact design makes it suitable for warehouses and hospital floors because every warehouse cannot afford to have forklift truck due to the space limit. The hand pallet truck is a cost-effective result to the material management applications. Yale designed and manufactured forklift truck can easily done all the jobs in different organizations. Yale products are having following features:

  • Powerful Engine
  • Assist brakes
  • Low emission
  • Ergonomic comfort

Yale motive is to serve all your truck needs and wants to take care of your all-material handling needs from financing to maintenance by providing 24 hour delivery on most forklift parts.