TCM Forklift

TCM has a universal reputation for consistency and superiority. They are the leading producers of the forklift trucks and it is expecting to grow in the future due to its international strategy. TCM use the latest technology and the customer advice for making their products acceptable worldwide. TCM is a terrific manufacturer having more than 40 years of experience and specialized in making various model of forklift trucks for their customers. TCM is always committed for providing something new to the industries and manufacturing companies, which can increase their production and wealth.

TCM were the first company to produce forklift in Japan. They are the manufacturer, so they don’t sell their products to the consumers directly. TCM is well known for providing those products, which can give the excellent result in the most painstaking situation. TCM is expanding themselves with the help of dealers and distributors throughout the world who are filling the gap between manufacturer and customer. TCM dealers are always dedicated towards their customers by giving them world-class services on the forklift trucks and their related parts.

TCM enjoys a high level of customer trust by serving them better. The famous forklift trucks manufactured by TCM are as follows:

  • Heavy-duty I.C forklifts trucks: The most reliable product of TCM is I.C forklift truck. The help of this product has completed several big tasks of different companies early. It is mainly use in marine, lumberyards etc.
  • Empty container handlers: TCM empty container handler helps in lifting the empty containers with safety and within quick time. This product helps in increasing operator’s efficiency and production due to its excellent features.
  • Electric reach forklift trucks: This truck offers an outstanding condition for working. It is very flexible and can turn in a limited space. It is an operator friendly and possesses high quality features for delivering good results.
  • Standard I.C forklift trucks: This product of TCM comes in more than 50 models the most important one of those are FG/D 10-30 series, FG/D 35-50 series and FD60-100 series.

TCM is a class manufacturer who provides different type of models in forklift trucks to their customers with superior services through their dealers and distributors.