Moffett Forklift

Moffett is dominating the market by giving liberty, elasticity and power to the operators. These trucks have been designed to meet the needs of your business. Moffett have been used across the world in different industries like farming, landscaping and food. Moffett is known by their innovative designs.

Moffett is mostly designed for the experienced candidates due to its latest technology. Even experienced candidates also looking for help sometime. Moffett forklift are the most flexible trucks, which are available in the market today. Apart from moffett world-class products and spare parts they also provide excellent services to their customers with the help of their qualified technicians. Moffett offers field service trucks, factory trained technicians, forklift repairs on the site and fully equipped workshop.

Moffett believes in customer satisfaction, according to them they did not become number one without doing good things in material handling industry. Moffett are emerged as a large organization after opening up their workshop at many places in UK and US. They wanted to understand their customer’s needs and specification and they are delivering their products according to that needs with the fair price in the market.

The series of Moffett products are as follows:

  • M1 series: They generally operate on smooth surface.
  • M2 series: These machines are walk behind machines and good for off surfaces.
  • M3 series: They have the capacity for 2 tones and good for tiled surface.
  • M4 series: These machines are capable of operating on all the surfaces.
  • M5 series: These machines come in 3 or 4 wheels and can lift up to 2.5 tones.
  • M6 series: These machines can walk on every kind of surfaces and lift capacity of 3.5 tones.
  • M9 series: This machine is very short in height with a lift capacity of 2.3 tones.

Moffett trucks can be fitted with no trouble and rapidly without loss of valuable space. Dealer is the only person who provides after sale service to the new customers, when he needs any extra part or onsite service. Moffett is the world leader in the manufacturing of forklift trucks.