Mitsubishi Forklift

Mitsubishi forklifts trucks are known for its innovativeness and trustworthiness. Mitsubishi believes in providing best services to their customer by giving them high quality products, which can increase their efficiency and productivity. Mitsubishi trucks offer large internal burning engine forklifts that provide the right balance of competent job and consistent performance.

Each model of Mitsubishi forklift truck is outfitted with a low mounted power handle constructed of a high resistant material. Mitsubishi offers a complete range of forklift trucks in warehouse and electric counterbalance. With more than 150 dealers Mitsubishi helps the customers by giving them the product support and known for its excellence, strength and consistency. In today’s world customer always expect good services from the companies and Mitsubishi knows this thing very well. You can contact any dealer in your area and he will certainly help you in selecting the right forklift truck for your need. Some of the famous models of Forklift trucks are as follows:

FGC20-30N - This model of forklift truck sets new standards for IC engine. It has got lots of advanced features which can help your driver in achieving maximum production.

FG40-50K Series - power and steadiness are the main traits of this model. It can pull up to 5 tones of material.

FBC35-55N Series - Those who need a forklift truck which can work in tight places, with extra power and low clatter should consider this model. According to Mitsubishi this is the best model for many applications in different companies.

Mitsubishi spare parts include Mitsubishi engines, brakes. Spotters, water pumps and seats. MHR offers top quality parts For Mitsubishi. To make sure your equipment is repairing for the first time every dealer comes along with all the Mitsubishi parts.

Mitsubishi is committed to provide the best product at the best place for the best job to be done. These trucks are designed according to the comfort zone of the driver. They provide after sale service to their customers because they believe that best possible service is the only to their success and to provide service they rely on their qualified technicians.