Forklift Tire

Forklift tires are one of the most important parts of forklift trucks. Without it a forklift truck even cannot move and as we all know the function of forklift truck is to move the heavy materials from one place to another so its forklift tire should be of good quality. There are lots of brands that are available in the market for the same. Solid service private ltd is an Australian company, which deals in different kind of forklift trucks. They are the manufacturers and have their own channel of distribution in Australia. They provide onsite or offsite fitting for the industrial trucks and are emerged as the biggest exporter of Australia.

Solid service mainly deals in Ergo Boss industrial forklift trucks. These tires are really operator’s friendly because of its unique aperture feature, which gives the operator a high level of comfort. This unique aperture feature also helps in reducing wear and tear of the tire by providing strong shock absorption and increases the life of the tire.

Pneumatic tires are also one of the brands of this company that are designed for heavy stuffs. Pneumatic tires are specially designed with the rim guard special protection, which protects the tires from rim flange area. This company also offer forklift tire repairing, mobile tire pressing at customers site and our services include shipping the tires to that places which we don’t cover and that is with the help of DHL, FedEx etc.

There are many types of forklift tires and they all are for different uses. They are usually press on or standard. Forklift tires are made to provide space forklifts in different situation. The most ordinary forklift tires are solid and polyurethane. Forklift tire should be solid enough to support the functions of the forklift trucks because it is very difficult to do the repairing on the tire between the operations. Forklift tire needs to be of the good quality to avoid such kind of downtime and accidents that can be happen due to the problem in tires. So an ideal forklift tire should be well designed and an employer should use particular tire according to their operation.