Forklift Safety

Forklift safety has been mentioned by most of the manufacturers when they introduced their products. The OSHA has already been assigned responsibilities to the employers to take precautions for the workers safety. They advised the employers to run different safety programs on operating procedure, training, maintenance of a truck and how to deal with the uncertainties.

The forklift operator should follow some guidelines for the safety purposes those guidelines are as follows:

  • Before operating a forklift truck an operator should be well trained about the truck functions and he must be having the authorization to sit on a driver seat. He should go through the manuals attached with the truck for the safety reasons.
  • An operator doesn’t need to operate on a faulty truck it will result into a serious injury or may be death.
  • While on a driver seat he should not lift any more people and keeps the truck away from the workers.
  • Operator should keep his all the parts of the body inside the cab during operating the truck.
  • Whenever an operator is going to start the truck for the operations he should inspect the truck properly.
  • Don’t make any changes in the equipment without the manufactures approval.
  • Not overload the truck and should be very careful while handling heavy loads.
  • An operator should always wear helmet and other protective equipments too.

More than 150 workers got injured or killed by the forklift truck accidents in a year. To operate a forklift truck is not an easy job. The operator should follow the safety rules while driving the truck; it should be in their mind at every time they prepare themselves for the operation. The irresponsible behavior not only put the goods on risk but their life too.

According to the OSHA regulations every operator should be authorized and practically trained before going for an operation. The safety training programs sometimes vary according to the needs of the organization. These training programs will help you in save lives and reduce the damage of expensive goods.