Forklift License

License is a certificate or a label that is issued as proof of official or legal authorization. License is consent by legal authority to engage in certain acts. Every legal act asks for a license, even for the driving of a forklift truck also needs license for the same.

The employer wants their forklifts drivers to be a license holder. The operator who don’t have the license for the same needs to go through with some training. The employer arranges training for the drivers with little or no driving experience who require a countrywide accepted LF class forklift license. The duration of the program is normally three days for the fresher and two days for the experienced drivers. The program covers the training on forklift operation, practical forklift driving, forklift attentiveness, site risk assessment and pre-starting safety checks.

On successful completion of the training a candidate got a certificate for the same and after paying a fee of $65.00 he can get a license, which is accepted worldwide.

According to OSHA, all employees must have a forklift license before working on the industrial forklift trucks. And the workers who are in training must operate the forklift truck under the direct direction of the licensed trainer. All the candidates must me more than 18 years of age.

Forklift license is also very important for the safety reasons. If a operator is not a license holder and he is operating the truck without having a adequate knowledge about the same, he will not only risk his life but everyone who is working around him is in danger. He would also be responsible for the destruction of goods and can prove himself as a liability for his employer. So it is advisable to have a license before operating on industrial forklift truck.

Forklift training and license not give only confidence to the operator but also increase his value in the market. OSHA has made it mandatory that all forklift truck operators to be trained so that they can also use others powered trucks in the facility. This license training really helps in enhancing the operator’s productivity.