What is Forklift?

Forklift is a truck with additional powers than a normal truck. This truck is called forklift, lift truck or a forklift truck. The truck is especially used to carry heavy industrial goods. The name forklift is given to this truck due to the forks that are used to carry the material.

The origin of forklift dates back to 1920’s. It was first used by a manufacturing company called Clark. Clark is today known as Clark Material Handling Company. The other company to use forklift along with Clark was Yale and Towne Manufacturing, which is known by the name of Yale Materials Handling Corporation. Since then the forklift truck is a vital part of the transportation of manufacturing equipments.

The distinguishing characteristic of the forklift truck is that the truck proper or the motive machinery is powered with the help of a drive train. This train helps the truck to work on a higher efficiency level which is much more then a normal career or a goods truck.

The forklift truck can be fueled with various forms of fuels available in the market. You can choose among the LPG, diesel to fuel the internal combustion engine, electric motor through direct current or an alternate current which is boosted by a battery or fuel cells.

One of the most important parts of the Forklift truck is its mast. A mast is a vertical assemblage which works to increase or decrease the load on the wheels of forklift. The mast is made functional with the help of a hydraulic engine which in turn is operated by a chain. The forklift mast can also be operated with hydraulic cylinders by interlocking rails to raise or decrease the carrying activities.

The forklift truck can be operated by a single person very easily. The cab in the front part of the truck contains a seat for the driver with steering wheel and control operations to load and unload the material.

Having a forklift is surely a benefit to the buyer. The truck is useful for the people who have to load and unload their manufacturing goods often. This will save your efforts and cost of a load carrier as well. So, Still thinking???