Daewoo Forklift

Forklifts are available in different types and load capacities in the market. Daewoo forklift is one of them. Daewoo forklift has responded to the today’s market of excellent act and operators relieve by developing a new variety of electric forklift trucks. Daewoo forklift trucks provide a lot of features to the operator for increasing his productivity.

Daewoo forklift trucks offer exceptional levels of act and toughness. Daewoo industries manufacture range of forklift trucks for various operations. There are some features which adds the value to the forklift trucks these features are as follows:

  • Daewoo forklift trucks increased the operator comfort and efficiency by designing the operator booth ergonomically.
  • The battery compartment is enclosed by a one part it really helps a lot to the operator for removing and installation of a battery.
  • Control lever offer easy grip and operation.
  • Self-adjusting brakes.

Daewoo forklifts are in accordance with the needs of manufacturing and construction companies. Daewoo forklift consist of different pieces and parts. They also use internal combustion engine powered with diesel fuel or propane. The best models for Daewoo are B15S, B18T, B15T, B20S and B20T. These products are best because the manufacturer really benefited from these trucks. Every truck is recognized by its qualities in the market.

Daewoo products promises not only better quality but these products also promises high value and customer pleasure. Daewoo really thinks about their customers by providing them high quality services and timely repairing works. They have a team of mobile service engineers with fully equipped vans who are never too far away from your workstation. They provide onsite services to reduce the downtime by carrying different forklift spare parts in their vans.

Regular protective preservation can minimize the risk of expensive breakdowns. Their technicians can carry out all types of work from small adjustments to major rebuilds on the site.

Daewoo is also a leading supplier of forklift trucks and their spare parts in the market and one can see their innovativeness and customer needs on their products. Daewoo has gained the trust of their customers by serving them well and keeping their suggestion in mind.