Forklift Certification

The certification of forklift truck operators is really very important now to avoid the number of accidents and death which occurred due to the improper training. The proper training and testing is providing the certificate for the same. According to OSHA (Occupational safety and health administration) it’s an Employer responsibility to train their forklift truck operators and providing certificates to them.

OSHA is not responsible for training and it programs. This liability still lies with the employer and employer gives this opportunity to the person who is having an adequate knowledge and experience to train the forklift operators. It’s an opportunity because an experienced truck operator can become a safety trainer for their companies.

Forklift certification includes the proper training for the operator that ends with the certification. The certification helps both the employer and the employee. The employer distributes these certificates among their employees after the completion of a program.

The certification of the operator totally depends upon the implementation of the programs like, the operators knowledge, his ability to operate the vehicle, security necessities of OSHA etc. This course especially provides the understanding of the safe operation of forklift trucks. It also tells the operator about how to deal in difficult situations and to perform.

The employer should see how their operators are doing and on that basis he should make a program. The certification includes classroom and practical theory; the duration of classroom training is about 4 to 5 hours and practical training totally depends each time an operator shows some deficiency in the operation of a truck.

The employer should keep a written record of their certified employees or operators. The certification must include the name of the worker, date of joining, date of training and remarks. Certification helps in keeping the high morale of the operator as they feel that they have been giving importance in the company and the certificates really enhancing their market value. The employer should update the certification for every three years, according to their operator’s performance and he is also liable to give the training and certification where the operator is lacking.