Carry Your Jewel - Samsung Star Diva S7070

The Samsung Star Diva - this one is for girls, and there are no qualms about it.

We like: A palm sized clutch . should be its appropriate definition - to big to call it a 'golden diamond'. And it's pretty light as well. The golden fascia at the backside can act as an attraction as well as a deterent. Fluffs aside, the touchscreen works really nice and is much convenient than few other latest innovations from the makers. Descent 3.2 MP camera, good sound volume for speaker phone and music, Internet and social networking apps - it has the necessary, and basic, prerequisites of any phone in this category.

We didn't like: There is no 3G or Wi-Fi. While the design is it's highlight, sometimes it seems too shiny to be sophisticated.

Go for it? At Rs 7500, this is not a bad phone, and neither it is a wow features wise. Yes, it does make you take a second look.