Want to Make PC Diary Without Much of Hassle? Try Notepad!

Are you one of them who use notepad to keep record of their daily schedule, future plans and any important info? What if you can add date and time just like a diary to your records? Definitely amazing! But how? Follow the instructions and use notepad as PC diary.

  1. Open Notepad File.
  2. Type .LOG (use upper case only).
  3. Press Enter
  4. Save and Close File.

To Check:

Open the saved file. You will find that current date and time is there on the file with cursor under it. You can write the information on it and save the information with date and time.

Now, whenever you open the file, the virtual diary would show you the current date and time. Just write your notes without bothering about date and time.

The virtual diary is there on your PC, why were finding it somewhere else?