Touch and Go - Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

Now this is one seriously low priced touchscreen phone from Nokia.

We like: The Nokia 5233, with a 3.2" resistive screen - and we quite the sensitivity, 2 MP camera, four application on the homescreen and a 3.5 mm Audio Jack this is decent handset. It also has a built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor. It has sliding key-lock.

We didn't like: It's quite baffling why Nokia has to have side-ways sim card insertion, where you need give a push with the stylus every time the sim needs to be taken out. Morale of the story keep the sim inside and never lose the stylus - there's is no spare. Also, the memory card doesn't come with the set. Couldn't find how to stop quite a few apps while they are running and the loudspeaker mode ain't really loud.

Go for it? At Rs.7000/- , it's a pretty handsome deal.