Making a Directory - the MD Command

You have identified the need for directories whereby files can be organized on a disk in a structured manner. If you want to bring together and store files pertaining to the employees of a firm and those pertaining to the stock of the firm separately, you can do so by creating subdirectories. Prior to the creation of directories all the files reside in one main directory, which is the root directory.

To bring together all the files pertaining to the employees, you can create a subdirectory called EMPLOYEE. The command to do this is:


where MD stands for Make Directory.

After this command has been issued, a subdirectory called EMLOYEE is created under the root directory.

Rules for naming a directory are the same as those for naming a file. Just as meaningful names are given to files, it is good practice to give meaningful names to directories. This is to enable you to identify directories easily.

Making a Directory on the A Drive

If you want to make a directory on the disk in drive A, you would have to activate the A drive by giving the following command:

C>A: <Enter>

This command makes the drive A active. Now you may issue the MD command and create a directory on the diskette in drive A. The command to create the directory EMPLOYEE on drive A is: