BACKUP and RESTORE Utilities

BACKUP allows backing up of files from a hard disk to a floppy disk. In the event of a hard disk failure or accidental erasures, we can fall back upon the backed up data. It can also be used to backup from one floppy to another, even if they are of different types (different in size or capacity). BACKUP can copy files from within subdirectories as well.

BACKUP copies all source files into a single file, and maintains the list of file names in another file called the log file. If all the files cannot be stored on one disk, BACKUP requests for the next disk. The log file also stores the number of the backup disks on which the source files are stored.

The RESTORE utility helps you to restore files that have been backed up using the BACKUP utility. Files are transferred from a backup set to the location we specify.

While the earlier versions of BACKUP and RESTORE were command driven, the present day versions are menu driven and more of utilities than commands, and hence more user friendly.