Comparison Between Printers

The output on the VDU cannot be stored for later reference. For a permanent output, you would require a printer that is also a common output device. Using the printer, you can obtain output on paper. Printers are capable of printing at very high speeds. The printers commonly used with the PC are the dot-matrix printer, the ink jet printer and the laser printer.

Dot matrix Printer

Ink-jet Printer

Laser Printer

Prints characters formed of dotsPrints fully formed charactersPrints fully formed characters
Speed: 200-540 characters per secondSpeed: 4-8 pages per minuteSpeed: 4-20 pages per minute
Accepts up to 132-column stationaryAccepts up to 80-column stationaryAccepts up to 80-column stationary
InexpensiveModerately pricedExpensive

Comparison between Printers