Benefits and Limitations of Computers

The fact that computers have made their impact on almost all aspects of life in today's world can hardly be questioned. The question that you may ask here is how do you benefit from using a computer.

A computer provides three basic benefits:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence

Computers work at very high speeds and are much faster than humans. The human equivalent of an average computer would be one million mathematicians working 24 hours a day. Computers rarely make mistakes. In fact, most computer errors are caused by human frailties. Unlike humans, computers simply do not get bored or tired. The monotony of repetitive work does not affect computers.

However, computers cannot take over all activities simply because they are less flexible than humans. They have to be explicitly told what to do. They cannot perform anything outside the defined scope. If an unanticipated situation arises, computers will either produce erroneous results or abandon the task altogether. They do not have the potential to work out an alternative solution.