Security - Write-protecting Floppy Disks

Protection of data and software is vital, since unauthorized users tend to destroy valuable data and software. Since data and software is going to be stored on floppy disks or hard disks, protecting the floppy disks or hard disks ensures data security to a great extent.

Write-protecting Floppy Disks

You would often create files which have to be used extensively but do not require modification or deletion. These may be data files you are using only for reporting, and not for processing. Or, they may be programs, which you would like to save from being overwritten or accidentally erased.

One way is to make the whole floppy write-protected. In other words, no writing operation can take place on the disk. Data can only be read. In a microdisk, the write-protect tab is a small sticker that has to be stuck onto the floppy disk. In a microdisk, the write-protect tab on the diskette has to be pushed down to enable protection.

Write Protection on a 3½ Disk

Write Protection on a 3½ Disk