Network Drives

Drives F to J are assigned as the network drives. Drive F is the first network drive. That is why in NetWare installations, after you give the IPX and NETx commands, you change to the F drive.

In a typical NetWare setup, a file server may contain several volumes, and each volume may contain several directories and subdirectories. Each user may need to access directories and subdirectories in two or even three volumes. There would be three or four directories or subdirectories that a user would need to access frequently. For example, if you need to switch from


You can use a pointer that would point to a given directory in a given volume. Therefore, in the example given above, the user would need to use a pointer that points to the directory NIIT/SYS:PUBLIC/FOXPRO. This can be done with the help of MAP command. To point to the above directory, you need to give the command


Now, no matter which directory you are working in, you just need to give the command G: and you would be in the directory SYS:PUBLIC/FOXPRO. Note that you need not specify the server name. You have mapped the directory SYS:PUBLIC\FOXPRO onto drive G. You can similarly map other directories that you use frequently on drives H, I and J.

A drive here is a logical indicator that points to a particular directory.