Microcomputers are at the lowest end of the computer range. The highly visible personal computers you see on desktops fall into this category.

Microcomputers are typically single-user systems, which means that only one user can use it at any time. Microcomputers have small to medium data storage capacities (500 MB-2 GB). Their processing power is also limited in terms of the number of instructions that they can process per second. Therefore, they are not suitable for applications that require large storage capacities and involve complex mathematical calculations, such as weather forecasting or aircraft design.

Apple Macintosh

Apple Macintosh

The most common applications of the PC are word processing, spreadsheet calculation and database management. The other applications are desktop publishing (using computers for publishing), accounting, statistical analysis, graphics designing, investment analysis and project management. Microcomputers are also used in the field of teaching (the computer acts as a teacher) and entertainment (computer games).

Examples of desktop PCs are: IBM PC, PS/2 and Apple's Macintosh.