Logging In

In NetWare, every user has a login id (identity). The login id is also known as the login name or the user id. The login id is the name by which NetWare recognizes and identifies a user. For example, the user may be given a login id User14.

To log in, you need to give the command LOGIN at the NetWare prompt.


The prompt

        Enter your login name:

is displayed on the screen.

You enter your login id against the prompt and press . Normally, your login would have a password attached to it, and you will be prompted to enter your password.

        Enter your password:

The password that you enter is not echoed on the screen for security reasons.

A password is of paramount importance in any LAN. Once you connect to a LAN by giving your user id and password, you would enter what is called your user-area where you can manage your files. No other user normally has access to this area. Also, you do ordinarily have access to the user-areas of other users. The login id identifies you as a LAN user; the password provides security to your login.

After logging in, the user can use DOS commands. Using the CD command, the user can browse through the directories. WHOAMI given at the NetWare prompt enables the user to find out his login id.

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