IPX Command

The first command that you would need to use at the DOS prompt is the IPX command. Figure shows a sample output when the IPX command is executed.


IPX stands for Internetwork Packet eXchange. It establishes a communication protocol between the server and your workstation. What is a communication protocol? Assume that Kevin and Steve need to talk to each other. The intention of this conversation is an exchange of ideas. It turns out that, both, Kevin and Steve are egoists. They start talking simultaneously, then pause for breath simultaneously, and then start talking again. The resultant confusion can well be imagined. Therefore, when Kevin and Steve talk, they need to follow a set of rules. Thus, say first Kevin talks, then he gives Steve a chance to put forward his ideas, and so on.

In NetWare, the workstation and the server communicate with each other, and IPX ensures that this communication is orderly and smooth.

NetWare v3.11 - Workstation Shell

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Running on DOS v 5.00

Attached to server NIIT

04-30-95         4:37:14 pm

Output of the IPX Command