Changing the Password

Changing the password frequently is one way of ensuring that no one gets to know your current password. The SETPASS command can be used to change the password. For this, you need to login to NetWare by giving your current password. After doing so, you give the command SETPASS. NetWare displays the following message:

        Enter old password for <server name/login id.>:

At this prompt, you need to type the current password and press . NetWare displays another prompt:

        Enter new password for <server name/login id>:

On typing the new password and pressing , NetWare displays a third prompt:

        Retype new password for <server name/login id>:

This is done to make sure that the spellings are correct. When the choice is confirmed by retyping the password, NetWare displays a message informing you that the task has been completed successfully.

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